Welcome to Chitrapur Saraswat Network (CSN)


The Mission

To provide a platform for the Chitrapur Saraswat Brahmin (CSB) Samaj to pool talents, resources and experiences in the community through interactions for initiation and advancement of professionals and entrepreneurs for their material prosperity.

Our Goals and Objectives

* Help existing entrepreneurs to expand their businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs to set up businesses.

* Help those employed in advancement of careers / get better placements and job seekers get good placements.

* Introduce the Community to Amchi service and product providers.

* Create an entrepreneurship culture.

Means To Achieving The Goals and Objectives

* Organize inspirational interactions with Amchi achievers.

* Promote clubs of entrepreneurs and professionals all over India.

* Create data banks and use them for achieving our goals and objectives.

* Any other innovative means based on needs of our community as identified from time to time.

Inspirational Interactions – Mulaqat

Amchi Clubs of Professionals – Clubs

Search for Services offered by CSBs – CSN Search

Seek help for placements / professionals / entrepreneural advancements – Offer / Seek – Help