Registration of your Business

To register your business you will first have to create an id which allows you to log in and provide details about your business and also edit it as and when needed.
To create an id you may chose a username and password. You will also have to provide an email id belonging to you.
Alternatively you may log in using your Facebook or Google id.
After you have created the id or logged in through Facebook or Google click on the Add Listing icon which is visible on the top row of the page, right hand corner, and fill in information in the existing fields. In the key words section fill in words by which clients are likely to look for your product or service. In the Category section if none of the existing Categories fit, you may use the Others option and describe your Category with one word. After having filled in the fields click  the Submit button.
Once you have clicked the submit button that completes your part of the process. Your information will be reviewed by KSA-CSN and after approval your information will be added to the data base and will thereafter be visible to anyone looking for the products / services offered by you.
Enter your email id
Enter your password