Offer Help

CSN will build up a non public database of those who are willing to help:

* Job seekers get jobs / better jobs.
* Train job seekers in soft skills.
* Help and guide would be Entrepreneurs set up businesses.
* Help existing Entrepreneurs problem solve and grow their businesses.

If you are willing to help please send a mail to giving details of your position, experience, resources and the kind of help you are willing to render. Your name and details will be kept confidential. The CSN coordinators will convey help requests to you and only after you confirm ability and willingness to help, in each case, will your name be revealed to the help seeker. This way you will not have to face the unpleasant situation of having to say no directly to a help seeker.

Seek Help

After a few months we hope that this private database of CNS will have enough volunteers to be able to respond reasonably satisfactorily to help requests. At this point CSN will publicise an email id to which help seekers may address mails stating the kind of help they seek. Complete confidentiality will be maintained . The CSN coordinators will forward the help request to volunteers who have the resources to help. On confirmation from the volunteer of ability and willingness CSN will arrange interactions between help seeker and the resource person.