Mulaqat with Dr Prakash Nagarkatti & Dr Mitzi Nagarkatti

Dr Prakash Nagarkatti PhD.

Vice President of Research. University of South Carolina.

  • Director of NIH Center for Research Excellane in Inflammation. 
  • Secured $3.8 Billion Contract from the US Department of Energy. 
  • Published 300+Scientific Papers.
  • Trained 100+ Scholars.
  • Holds Several Patents on Cancer and inflammatory Diseases.
  • Patent on Cannabis treatment of autoimmune hepatitis approved by the FDA. 
  • Vos Lifetime Career Achievement Award recipient from the Society of Toxicology.

Dr Mitzi Nagarkatti PhD.

Chairman of Pathology. Immunology and Microbiology. Smart State Endowment Chair of Center for Cancer Discovery, University of South Carolina.
  • Director of NIH Center of Dietary Supplements and Inflammation 
  • Published 300+ Scientific Papers. 
  • Published 300+ PHD’s and Post Doctoral Scholars.
  • Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors
  • Felow of the National Academy of Toxicology Sciences. 
  • Pizer Research Award recipient 

Compare Dr Nivedita (Nivi) Bijoor.



Family Medicine & Bariatric Medicine Specialist, Oakview Medical Associates, 
Simpsonville South Carolina.